50 Years of the Moon Landing

Apollo 11 defined a generation – the moon landing was the very first of its kind, #moonlanding #apollo11 #STEM #womenofnasa #nasa

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Living in the Moment

As I sit reading through what’s trending on Twitter and I am reminded of the negativity in the world, my recent change in mindset has allowed me an extra level of sensitivity to such things. I’m learning to brush it off, it’s not a case of not caring but more of a case of self […]

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Eyes are the Window to the Soul

So as I sit here and write this the artist known as ‘Grimes’ is trending on Twitter because she had part of her eye removed to help cure ‘Seasonal Depression’ there were other elements to her extreme regime including depravation tanks and ‘screaming sessions’. Some would say its extreme, others cry publicity stunt as the […]

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Sunsets on a Monday

A productive start to the week this fine sunny Monday and plenty of beautiful sunsets are happening across the globe, their stunning beauty give you an opportunity to really appreciate a moment. I’ve been conscious of how unaware I have been so I’ve been making time to improve my mind, walking and talking with my […]

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Cold Brew on a Sunday

Many love an iced coffee but how many would like a cold brew? Sounds fancy when you say brew and really its far from it. Your local Costa will sell it to you with whipped milk on top and vegan sticky coffee pecan cookies! Personally I like to brew my own as I prefer certain […]

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