5 Ways To Get Organized For Christmas

I can't speak for anyone else but I am not a great one for following timetables, I have a similar problem with recipes to be honest the rebel in me just wants to muddle the steps up and see what happens, so how do I plan anything when i’m essentially working against myself? Bullet point... Continue Reading →


Mentally Preparing for Christmas

5 things to keep you going “One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas Day."Andy Rooney Christmas is a tradition which stems from a variety of sources and the loud and brash existence it has become has created a multitude of issues, the spiraling... Continue Reading →

A foray into caramel

I have been making chocolates in varying forms for a few months now, both from scratch vegan chocolate and just melting a good old bar of cooking chocolate (mainly milk and white as they are harder to replicate). I have layered them in moulds but until today I had never filled them with anything (other... Continue Reading →

Veggie Italian Bread Soup

"Are you consciously giving up meat?" My father asked over lunch as I was telling him about my latest vegetarian creation - I explained that as I prep my 4 days worth of lunches for work days I was not overly keen on prepping things with meat in, partly due to food hygiene (although im... Continue Reading →

Its Friday – I’m In Love

The 80's reference to The Cure in the title of today's post may be lost on some but its one of my favourites. According to Ranker.com there are 34 different songs about Friday (i'm pretty sure there are more but it would be like trying to count the number of versions of Softcell's - Tainted Love... Continue Reading →

Anything Can Happen Thursday

Thusly named by Sheldon Cooper of 'The Big Bang Theory' - Anything Can Happen Thursday is my opinion a perfect name. Its the day of my favourite class, it is conversely also the day that arguments seem to happen (not as often anymore thankfully). So really as with every other day anything can happen...it's your... Continue Reading →

Happy Hump Day

So Wednesday has been christened "hump day" it's the middle of the week so I guess this is a logical name for it. If you imagine a hump shape it is the top of the hump inferring that Monday and Sunday are the bottom of the pecking order for days of the week. Arguably this... Continue Reading →

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