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  • The Importance of Self Care

    Many of us forget that self-care is a thing, we need to look after ourselves to perform at our best. Life will always throw challenges your way but its how you deal with them that is important.

  • How-To Use Bamboo Sanitary Towels/Pads

    Whilst the method is the same as your usual disposable pads albeit with a popper rather than those sticky wings that roll up stopping you from secu...
  • A Brief History of Sanitary Towels

    Although the concept of re-usable sanitary pads is not a new concept, in the before the invention of plastics and waterproof materials women were forced to use a variety of household items that had come to the end of its useful life. 
  • Welcome to Only Nomes For You - Accessible Sustainability For All

    As reusable items have grown in popularity it pains me to see the barrier created by money.  Profit is not necessarily the end goal for a business ...