Confidence & Loving Yourself – What, How, Why?

Everyone has an off day occasionally, if yours are everyday – then maybe its time to look into why.

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Its Friday – I’m In Love

The 80’s reference to The Cure in the title of today’s post may be lost on some but its one of my favourites. According to there are 34 different songs about Friday (i’m pretty sure there are more but it would be like trying to count the number of versions of Softcell’s – Tainted Love […]

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How to train a squash…

Now I do not profess to know much about gardening but I do understand the principle of training a squash. As I was checking on them yesterday I was delighted to see many long tendrils and vines with fruit on them. To train them is simple, as you can see in the picture, a few […]

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Veg n Tings

I never get tired of nature, it soothes the frustrated brow and my garden is no exception, it has taken 4 years for it to settle in and there is still some time to go. I cant get over how well the squashes are doing, they just keep growing (all from supermarket veg seeds) some […]

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Kinda Rustic Italian Bread Soup

When you have left over crusty bread there are a number of things which you could do with it. Making breadcrumbs is one and even making it into eggy bread, the Italians make various versions of soup, there are some tomato based ones and others which have stock ingredients such as onion, carrots, celery etc. […]

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Jurassic Beach Art

So my first rota day from work, its a Friday and for once the weather is stunning…We cannot waste the day away at home – we must go do something! So it was settled a road trip – the beach had been on the top of my list for some time – Lyme Regis was […]

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Birthday Rock n Roll

A few years ago I missed the opportunity to see the legend that is Eric Clapton who was playing at the time on the day of my birthday. Imagine my excitement when I discovered he was playing again on my birthday this year and at the Royal Albert Hall no less, well I may have […]

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