Confidence & Loving Yourself – What, How, Why?

Everyone has an off day occasionally, if yours are everyday – then maybe its time to look into why.

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The View from My Desk

The view from my desk would in fact be a wall; but this is not an efficient use of ‘mission winning’ space so it is home to my noticeboard which has various motivational aids – sales details, an actualisation poster.I have it right in front of me so that I am always reminded and always […]

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It is important to be grateful for all the things you have and not take things for granted, easy right? Well the western world has much to be grateful for and yet we are some of the most self-centered inconsiderate people going, fresh clean water, food on the table, a roof over our heads, we […]

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Anonymous 2

For me, having things on my mind hurts, i hate arguments, i hate confrontation, the last 24 hours have been painful to say the least, one mistake lead to an argument i didnt want to happen, i understand that friends of friends dont always get along but why they cant just keep their thoughts to […]

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Im sorry i cant be everything you want me to be, you ask me why i don’t want to be in a relationship and why i am not looking for anyone, its because all i want is you, i will always love you despite our differences and our frustrations. I know you don’t want me […]

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