New Beginnings: 3 Reasons to try something new

This is not the type of post I would normally write let a long publish on a Saturday morning but today is the start of a new chapter. Its been a difficult week in one sense and another - I have struggled and triumphed on several occasions so not all bad. Positivity is key, I... Continue Reading →


5 things you need to know today

So these lists are endless but I thought I'd have a go at my own so here goes You are amazing - no really you are and keep remembering that! Gratitude is key - being thankful and grateful for things is a given, acknowledging them can only be a good thing. Wear sunscreen - my... Continue Reading →

Dairy Free Chocolate Fudge Icing

Some recipes are discovered out of laziness, some out of necessity, these two reasons are normally interlinked - i.e. I have run out of something and I can't be bothered to go to the shops...Or like in this case and I had already been to the shops and got ingredients but discovered I was short... Continue Reading →

A Makeshift Reuben

So late on Friday night we got into a complicated sandwich discussion....not so much the choice of filling but the choice of bread or vehicle for this sandwich. My friend is adamant that croissants are the way forward instead of bread, I gave it some thought and surely its not much different to using a... Continue Reading →

On the Way to Success

The past few months have been somewhat of a whirlwind of emotion for me. Not to complain, despite some difficult moments it has truly started to turn around for me. I am working full-time as a digital marketing executive (something I didn't think would happen for a while) and i'm selling my books internationally (another... Continue Reading →

Frugal Recipes for the Unispired

Firstly please feel free to comment your thoughts on this!Some of us live a life of luxury, some of us live beyond our means and some of us live frugally. The definition of frugal is 'simple and plain and costing little'. With this in mind, I recently discovered the Instagram chef @miguelbarclay who has written a... Continue Reading →

Baking with Coconut Flour

Ive heard a lot about coconut flour over the past few months, heralded as the latest gluten-free option. Living in a small town in the Westcountry, UK such things take time to be available in the shops for us. When in my local Home Sense I spotted some in the food aisle purely by chance.... Continue Reading →

Do Daily Motivations Help?

Social media has enabled us to see different quotes/memes/pictures hourly, does this mean they are losing their effectiveness? Are the negative ones more popular? Whether we like it or not most people will share at least one every week if not everyday, so as long as you have at least 14 friends (on any given... Continue Reading →

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