Homemade Fish Pie

Fish pie is one of my favourite comfort foods, the creamy soft texture of the mashed potatoes and the flaky pieces of fish remind me of happy childhood meal times.It is my no means a low-calorie dish but one I thoroughly recommend trying if you would like to eat more fish. There are several varieties […]

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Sausage & Sweet Potato Pie

A pie requirement was needing to be fulfilled earlier this week and I decided it would be a savoury one. I already knew where to find the recipe I reached for my copy of ‘Nigel Slater’s Real Food’ – I scanned an eye down the recipe – I already had some puff pastry in the […]

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An Edible Garden 2017

I am fortunate enough to have a communal garden. When I moved into my flat there was only grass and no one was doing anything with it, we talked about guerrilla gardening for a while. Then my friend surprised me on my birthday with two vegetable patches. Ever since they have been growing and maturing […]

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Dairy Free Chocolate Fudge Icing

Some recipes are discovered out of laziness, some out of necessity, these two reasons are normally interlinked – i.e. I have run out of something and I can’t be bothered to go to the shops…Or like in this case and I had already been to the shops and got ingredients but discovered I was short […]

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Weekend Spinach & Feta Pie

This recipe is taken from the Greek dish Spanakopita, I have made no changes to it as there is simply no need. Now arguably you could adapt this recipe for non-dairy and gluten free – it would merely be a case of finding vegan or gluten free puff pastry which in this day and age […]

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Homemade Pot Noodle – part 2

In my last post I talked about making my own pot noodles, well I’ve now had a few goes and I think I am getting the hang of it, having tested out a couple of different noodles I continue to try different flavour combinations, some good, some bad. It is by far the easiest thing […]

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