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Set of 4 Pads Period Starter Pack

Set of 4 Pads Period Starter Pack

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This fab little kit gives you four pads and a free wet bag!

Our new and improved design will keep you feeling dry and comfortable all day.

They are single size only in the pack so if there is a particular size you want you can easily stock up.

Most women notice an almost immediate change in their period, smaller flow, less cramping and a generally happier period. Although there is no scientific evidence that this is due to the cloth instead of the chemical-infused disposable pads we would normally use. 

Small: L 20.5cm x W 20cm 
Medium: L 23cm x W 22.3cm
Large: L 28cm x W 33cm x 22.5cm

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Receive in 20 to 30 days from date of order.

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