Myth Busting: Are Period Pants Expensive?

Period pants are considered expensive for several reasons:

1. Materials and Design: They have "more layers" than normal underwear to make them leak-proof, which requires more material and a complex design.
2. Retail Markup: If sold via third-party retailers, there's often a "large profit margin" included in the price.
3. Shipping Costs: When sold online, the price may include postage charges.

Additionally, period pants are seen as a "greener alternative" to single-use products like tampons and pads, and they can be "washed and reused", potentially saving money over time. The prices of period pants range from around "£6 to £18" per pair, and they are available in many outlets, including high street fashion chains and supermarkets¹.

Recently, there has been a positive development in the UK where the government announced that period pants would no longer be subject to "value-added tax (VAT)" from 1 January 2024, which could make them up to "£2 cheaper" per pair". This change is part of efforts to make period products more affordable and accessible, and it follows the exemption of other period products like tampons and pads from VAT since 2021. Retailers and brands that backed the campaign to make period underwear zero-rated for VAT pledged they would pass on the tax cut in full to customers.

So, while period pants may have a higher upfront cost, they are designed to be a sustainable and cost-effective solution in the long run, and recent tax changes should make them more affordable.