Writing 101: Day 6 Challenge

Today’s challenge is a character study of the most interesting person or group of people i have met so far this year. To me this is definitely an interesting prompt, having been travelling and other exciting adventures this year it was a dilemma to choose just one person or even a specific group of people, […]

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An Interesting Week: Part 1

So this week i started the blogging101 and writing101 courses here on WordPress. The courses came at the perfect time as i have been looking at doing exactly this type of course but unfortunately it cost quite a lot of money which has been putting me off making a decision to book it and do […]

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Blogging 101: Day 5 Challenge

For me the day 5 challenge was relatively easy not to mention because i have been playing round with themes for the past few days (although i have settled on my current one it was still interesting to see how different types of theme look)  Visual is essentially a really great clear screen but for […]

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Writing 101: Day 5 Challenge

It was lying nestling in the grass slightly crumpled; brightly coloured writing paper embossed with Japanese children’s characters. It was a letter addressed to a father written by a young child (the scrawled writing signified as much) i read the letter by the end tears in my eyes moved by the significance of the letter. It […]

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Blogging 101: Day 4 Challenge

To define a dream reader to me is difficult, i mean i could say that i want some fantastic person who has the job of my dreams to offer at their finger tips based on what they have read and obviously speaking to me, i could say that my friends would be my dream readers..after […]

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