Changing Seasons

Its funny how we demand certain things from our work place such as a computer, desk, chair which wont ruin our bodies, there is law protecting such things in the UK. How many of us writers actually follow the same principles? It took me time to realise that the reason why I wasn’t engaging was […]

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A River Runs Through

Today’s picture is taken less than a mile from my house, the proximity to nature is something I welcome and if I could be closer i.e. in the countryside then that would be ideal but for now I am celebrating the things around me and closest to me. Writing is one of my favourite outlets […]

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Unknown Places

Current events allow us to travel around the world, they may not be the most pleasant of experiences but its real life, murder in Africa, war in Syria and terrorism in the USA. The media shows us pictures of places reporting their sordid tales, not really the same as exploring exotic locations in the Sunday […]

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Whatever society perceives tattoos to be or to mean they are often something meaningful to them. The origins of western tattoos lying in ‘I love mum’ or some similar, the industry it has become is a far different beast. From drunken tattoos to planned pieces of artwork on a truly unique canvas, the Internet will […]

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Blossoming into the World

She looked across the bridge of the ship, she saw to her right two navigators and a technician and to her left a member of medical personnel. It was calm, she was in charge of course, her worry was the incoming fleet no one else seem to be acknowledging. There they were clear as day […]

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From Within

Happiness can be perceived as difficult to achieve at times, we spend time envying others happiness and wondering why theirs was better than yours and that’s OK for some reason we lack the capability of satisfying ourselves, even in the most simple of ways, we rarely just enjoy that moment just because we can and […]

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