Writing 101: Day 8 Challenge

As i sit in the cafe of my local museum, which is set in a castle (of sorts) made of local stone, i am struck by the variety of people that pass through in the thoroughfare, the inside part of the cafe in comparison with the reception of the museum feels somewhat cramped despite the […]

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Writing 101: Day 7 Challenge

Write a post based on the contrast between two things — whether people, objects, emotions, places, or something else. You remember the people who actually used to like writing ‘compare and contrast’ essays? Yup thats me guilty as charged…So as you can tell today i am quite a happy bunny the only challenge was to write […]

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Writing 101: Day 6 Challenge

Today’s challenge is a character study of the most interesting person or group of people i have met so far this year. To me this is definitely an interesting prompt, having been travelling and other exciting adventures this year it was a dilemma to choose just one person or even a specific group of people, […]

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An Interesting Week: Part 1

So this week i started the blogging101 and writing101 courses here on WordPress. The courses came at the perfect time as i have been looking at doing exactly this type of course but unfortunately it cost quite a lot of money which has been putting me off making a decision to book it and do […]

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Writing 101: Day 5 Challenge

It was lying nestling in the grass slightly crumpled; brightly coloured writing paper embossed with Japanese children’s characters. It was a letter addressed to a father written by a young child (the scrawled writing signified as much) i read the letter by the end tears in my eyes moved by the significance of the letter. It […]

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Writing 101: Day 3 Challenge

Commit to a Writing Practice Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you? For me choosing my favourite songs is like a mother choosing their favourite child (surely this is not possibly) however choosing the most important songs in my life is a different question all […]

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