Writing 101: Day 12 Challenge

To say that eavesdropping is a curse is not necessarily true, most conversations had in public are subject to the masses ears even if they do not want to be. We are also aware that the government listen to calls in the hope of ‘catching a terrorist’ (not that we are able to prove and/or […]

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Writing 101: Day 11 Challenge

When i was twelve i was 2 years into my parents divorce, as it was an amicable one it meant that i had two houses. To me having two houses was difficult. Two sets of everything but at least i had my parents and my sister. Even if they weren’t together anymore! When my father […]

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Writing 101 – Day 10 Challenge

Food can evoke many memories, especially the smells and the sounds of certain things. It could be the smell of coffee, cinnamon buns or even a roast dinner cooking on a sunday that suddenly brings you to a world of memories. For me there are many foods/smells which bring back memories to me and also […]

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