A foray into caramel

I have been making chocolates in varying forms for a few months now, both from scratch vegan chocolate and just melting a good old bar of cooking chocolate (mainly milk and white as they are harder to replicate). I have layered them in moulds but until today I had never filled them with anything (other... Continue Reading →


Veggie Italian Bread Soup

"Are you consciously giving up meat?" My father asked over lunch as I was telling him about my latest vegetarian creation - I explained that as I prep my 4 days worth of lunches for work days I was not overly keen on prepping things with meat in, partly due to food hygiene (although im... Continue Reading →

How to train a squash…

Now I do not profess to know much about gardening but I do understand the principle of training a squash. As I was checking on them yesterday I was delighted to see many long tendrils and vines with fruit on them. To train them is simple, as you can see in the picture, a few... Continue Reading →

Just a few shots from the garden - its starting to grow into something really special.... as you can see there are courgettes, potatoes, 2 kinds of kale, some red cabbage and purple Brussels sprouts and a couple of other things we are hoping for a bumper crop this year.   It is exciting to... Continue Reading →


The bus from Cologne was a reasonable journey and for a mere 7 euros you couldn’t complain - the free wifi was also impressive (take note bus companies of Britain you are archaic in your transport facilities.A confusing start with the help of google maps and the discovery that there was a gay pride festival... Continue Reading →

An Indian Adventure: Varanasi and Lumbini

Varanasi is an interesting place. Filled with a mixture of tourists, beggars and locals, the tourist shops sell a mixture of fake religious artifacts, candles and cheap knock-offs. Walking through the crowds can be a distressing experience, the number of street gangs of children clawing at your clothes - employed to sell their postcards and... Continue Reading →


After an auspicious start, a bus journey plagued by accidents on the motorways and meaning that I got to the Eurostar terminal with literally 5 minutes to spare before I jumped on the train it was a quiet journey along the Highspeed track and a reassuring redress in the balance of the holiday.Le Neufchatel, Bruxelles... Continue Reading →

What is it about marmalade?

A bit like marmite - marmalade can be a love or hate foodstuff for some and indeed there are still some days where I prefer shredless but, for me it represents some of my childhood, my mother used to make it every year and we would spread it on toast every morning for what seemed... Continue Reading →

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