Travelling Makes Me Tick

Having been brought up in what could be considered as a multicultural background, this is largely because in the rural Westcountry of England there were not many ‘foreigners’ as you might call them; both sets of grandfathers had met my grandmothers through the war on my mother’s side the Ukraine (as far as we can […]

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The Joys of Sharing

Whether I have a little or I have a lot, I always share the things I can. When you travel you meet a whole world of different people, some might make you stop and think for a moment ‘how generous this person is’ and I have been very privileged to be recipient of such kindness, […]

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After a hangover plagued train journey I arrived weary in Cologne where a hot shower and comfortable if a little warm room awaited me and possibly the cutest turndown present I’ve seen. Once showered and rested I ventured forth for dinner and an explore, having already seen the ‘hard to miss’ beautiful cathedral which is […]

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After an auspicious start, a bus journey plagued by accidents on the motorways and meaning that I got to the Eurostar terminal with literally 5 minutes to spare before I jumped on the train it was a quiet journey along the Highspeed track and a reassuring redress in the balance of the holiday. Le Neufchatel, Bruxelles – A very […]

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