Home Improvement

They say there are signs you are becoming an adult. Puberty and age aside one could argue that you don’t ever have to actually grow up but then there are mortgages – houses, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. Once you have these things, you are now in a position to make them your own. This is […]

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How to train a squash…

Now I do not profess to know much about gardening but I do understand the principle of training a squash. As I was checking on them yesterday I was delighted to see many long tendrils and vines with fruit on them. To train them is simple, as you can see in the picture, a few […]

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Veg n Tings

I never get tired of nature, it soothes the frustrated brow and my garden is no exception, it has taken 4 years for it to settle in and there is still some time to go. I cant get over how well the squashes are doing, they just keep growing (all from supermarket veg seeds) some […]

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Jurassic Beach Art

So my first rota day from work, its a Friday and for once the weather is stunning…We cannot waste the day away at home – we must go do something! So it was settled a road trip – the beach had been on the top of my list for some time – Lyme Regis was […]

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Learning more & more

I’ve found as I’m sure most of you have that I learn a new thing at least once a day and a new skill once a month (give or take). Since starting my new job I have learnt a lot, about people and about the industry I now work in. Some of the products I […]

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Tiny Shoes

My sister has just bought new boots for my niece, it’s crazy to see how small they are in comparison to my feet. I wish I could have these again 🙂 Source: Tiny Shoes

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