50 Years of the Moon Landing

Apollo 11 defined a generation – the moon landing was the very first of its kind, #moonlanding #apollo11 #STEM #womenofnasa #nasa

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Living in the Moment

As I sit reading through what’s trending on Twitter and I am reminded of the negativity in the world, my recent change in mindset has allowed me an extra level of sensitivity to such things. I’m learning to brush it off, it’s not a case of not caring but more of a case of self […]

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Cold Brew on a Sunday

Many love an iced coffee but how many would like a cold brew? Sounds fancy when you say brew and really its far from it. Your local Costa will sell it to you with whipped milk on top and vegan sticky coffee pecan cookies! Personally I like to brew my own as I prefer certain […]

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How did Dick Get On YouTube?

Since the introduction of the internet porn has become far more accessible that it has ever been. Whether you consume it or not you are probably within a accidental search and 3 clicks of stumbling across some kind of video of ‘girls gone wild’ or worse ‘girl deserves huge cock’ (something to that effect anyway). […]

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