Veg n Tings

I never get tired of nature, it soothes the frustrated brow and my garden is no exception, it has taken 4 years for it to settle in and there is still some time to go. I cant get over how well the squashes are doing, they just keep growing (all from supermarket veg seeds) some […]

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Birthday Rock n Roll

A few years ago I missed the opportunity to see the legend that is Eric Clapton who was playing at the time on the day of my birthday. Imagine my excitement when I discovered he was playing again on my birthday this year and at the Royal Albert Hall no less, well I may have […]

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Mint Mocha Choc Chip Part 3

The rain had stopped but the wind still howled through the trees and the many large fireplaces throughout the house. It made it cold for the team as they changed into their dry clothes (no warmer but at least not wet anymore) they had barely spoken since they were all picked up from the office […]

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Mint Mocha Choc Chip Part 2

They all traipsed upstairs, wet and covered in mud. Amelia Dawson cursed the decision to have a ‘team building’ exercise, but management insisted after the ‘magical’ consultant had said that they needed to work together better; she thought they worked well together but what was she to know? If she had her way they would […]

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