Jurassic Beach Art

So my first rota day from work, its a Friday and for once the weather is stunning…We cannot waste the day away at home – we must go do something! So it was settled a road trip – the beach had been on the top of my list for some time – Lyme Regis was […]

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Meeting Ratty

I first met Ratty when he was but a skeleton. The thin pencil lines hinting at his large frame but said nothing of the rest of him. I wondered how he would grow, would he become a she or something else entirely…it was not immediately obvious. Over the next few days I watched him develop […]

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An Outside Piece

Wishing to extend to a larger scale piece an Artist set off down the canal path with his paints to see how it could be done. The canal bridge loomed covered with pre-existing offensive graffiti which would offend most eyes. To cover this would be an act of rebellion but also a statement. The paint flowed […]

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Progress of an Artist

The remarkable progress of Luke’s work over the past 10 days is fascinating, looking in his sketchbooks/paintings you can see his progression very clearly throughout his pad of paintings, a hesitant beginning but as confidence has grown throughout the patterns become stronger and more definite. The depth of the paint showing off spirals of colour […]

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An Ebru Work

There are several marbling techniques which have been used by various artist over the generations. One particular technique is called ebru, it is a traditional Turkish form of painting which involves layering the paint on-top of the water, there are also various thickeners which can be used to aid the process. Once the paint is […]

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A Winter Gift from an Artist

The ideal of a blank canvas can scare some but others embrace it with the passion it deserves. Our “Winter gift exchange” delivered an A2 canvas during this years festivities and Luke was determined to paint, despite the crazy time of day (3am) the paints were eagerly pulled out and the video rapidly setup for […]

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