Welcome to Only Nomes For You - Accessible Sustainability For All

Welcome to Only Nomes For You - Accessible Sustainability For All

As reusable items have grown in popularity it pains me to see the barrier created by money. 

Profit is not necessarily the end goal for a business or at least not essential, sometimes its about doing something ethically right, opening doors to those who might not have access to certain things because they are out of their price range.

My view that period care should be free is something I do not hide, if it were possible to give away reusable items that would be even better, as it stands we have to pay not only pay for them but they are also taxed; The disposables  pollute our bodies with chemicals and can be uncomfortable for those with very sensitive skin. This is quite the opposite of the supposed 'Happy Period' that Always offer up as their tag line, and indeed when I switched to reusable myself I immediately discovered what happy periods are. Granted it cant get rid of all the cramps and the mood swings but there is a definite improvement.

I have noticed that a lot of the period wear is very expensive and after some research with my mum there is definitely a cost involved but that shouldn't be prohibitive for the customer. I see many people commenting on the adverts bemoaning the pricing and I want to make that a thing of the past. 

So I have chosen a selection of reusable period wear to suit any budget. Let me know what you think - is there anything you wanted to try?

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