'Those' Workout Leggings - Our Review

'Those' Workout Leggings - Our Review

Having now had these leggings for a while it seemed the right time to review their 'performance'.

Stretchy? They certainly are! Cute? Of course! Do they make our bums look peachy? Almost definitely.

The material feels nice against the skin and doesn't seem to be phased if you sweat like a beast although I would be careful trying too many complicated yoga positions.

As a plus size girl myself I see all these skinny fitness girlies with giant butts strutting around in these leggings and for the longest time I shied away from them, taking the plunge and buying them is the best thing I ever did.

They say if you feel good you look great and the same is true for these leggings, they will make you feel great, working out never seems a chore as you are celebrating how good you look in them.

The pocket is by far their most useful feature - for those of us who need to store our phone whilst working out, running or walking its in the perfect place.

The range of colours allow you to pick your favourites. 

There are others available on social media - we see them everywhere tiktok/facebook/instagram - I have fallen for the hype - they are not as good as these I can assure you, the quality of the expensive ones were disappointing and 2 different colour pairs although they same size where completely different. 

In conclusion - these leggings are great - comfortable and wearable out and about! Love your body & the skin and feel good.

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