The Importance of Self Care

The Importance of Self Care

Many of us forget that self-care is a thing, we need to look after ourselves to perform at our best. Life will always throw challenges your way but its how you deal with them that is important.

Your confidence and self-love should shine bright like a star, positivity will carry you much further than negativity.

Each week I will do a post on a different aspect of self-care and you can follow the journey from negativity through to positivity.

Starting with the basics - its funny how we are taught to wash ourselves as children but often when we get to adulthood and our self-care routine slips showering and changing your clothes gets dropped by the wayside.

Whether you prefer a shower or a bath isn't important its the time spent cleaning and relaxing yourself. Warm water can sooth even the most crappy of days - even if its just a hot compress on the forehead. The addition of essential oils promotes healing and wellbeing particularly - lavender and rosemary.

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