Moon Cups - The Alternative to Tampons

Moon Cups - The Alternative to Tampons

Now inserting a silicone cup into oneself might not be everyone's idea of a good time but for those of us who use tampons it is not vastly different.

Moon cups are an ideal alternative to tampons as they can easily be emptied without removing it meaning no embarrassing leaks and no smells!

It is important that you choose the right size for you - this does not mean by flow size as the cups themselves are the same its the physical overall size - small is suitable for younger people where as the larger size is more suited for older - this is due to your pelvic floor muscles weakening as we age.

Environmental Advantages

Using a menstrual cup means you say goodbye to period waste and no more moments casting around for the special bin in public toilets - with over 200,000 tonnes of period waste going to landfill every year it will outlive us before it biodegrades.

Tampon Tax

The ongoing costs of tampons can be expensive with the average price of a pack of tampons being £2 for 18 whilst this might last a couple of months a pack of 3 moon cups with all the accessories is £6 and will last significantly longer. 



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