A Brief History of Period Pads

A Brief History of Period Pads

We seemingly live in a frivolous and wasteful society where everything can be manufactured as single use items.

Although the concept of re-usable sanitary pads is not a new concept, in the before the invention of plastics and waterproof materials women were forced to use a variety of household items that had come to the end of its useful life. There are several companies who claimed to have invented the first version but really the concept is nothing new.

You probably do not realise it but the chemicals that disposable towels carry is probably contributing to how painful your period actually is. Speaking from personal experience when I switched to reusable pads I noticed an instant difference in both the cramping and comfort issues I had been experiencing. Some days would feel like I was sat on hot coals. Thankfully that is now behind me and I am eternally grateful to my mother who has spent time and effort making some for me. 

I appreciate that some will find it a repulsive and indeed I have seen multiple comments on ads with sick emoji faces but I ask you what is more disgusting - washing your own pads or putting a bloody sticky towel in a bin for someone else to deal with? Personally I would rather the former than the latter. 

We are impressed with the 'new silk technology' or whatever the latest excuse for buying disposables and the line 'Have A Happy Period - Always' has been a slogan Always cling to like a monkey to a tree, but the truth is I didn't know what a happy period was until I stopped using their products. Which is kinda sad really.

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