£5k In A Life Time? Save Money & The Environment Today!

£5k In A Life Time? Save Money & The Environment Today!

I have always said that the fact we have to pay for feminine hygiene products is abhorrent but the fact that companies capitalise on this is even worse. 

The average woman spends £5000 on feminine hygiene products in their life time, those with a heavier flow even more. These are all sent to landfill every year or they clog up our water systems as they are flushed down the toilet. Taking over 20 years to breakdown into the earth, polluting water systems along with the other waste we product.

Many are disgusted by the thought of reusable sanitary pads and moon cups but I would much rather be washing them myself and replacing them every 2 to 3 years than spend money on something I know will end up polluting everything.

It can be a daunting task switching to reusables but trust me its worth it. As I have said previously the chemicals in your disposables will never give you a happy period - speaking from experience your cramps will improve (I cant promise they will disappear completely as it depends on so many other factors) and your flow will reduce significantly.

Not sure which would suit - pads or a moon cup? A moon cup is similar to a tampon only without the risk of toxic shock syndrome however it does of course involve inserting it into yourself so really its up to you which you prefer.

Here at OnlyNomesForYou we are passionate about quality and value, our suppliers have spend time researching and improving their products based on actual user feedback - the shape and fabrics have been optimised for your comfort and best fit.

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