I Finally Found Purple Sweet Potato

So after months of food envy on Instagram I finally have the opportunity to get my hands on some purple sweet potato. I rushed to the grocers first thing Monday morning and was greeted with a multitude of great offerings (the 50p box was my friend). There they were, slightly different to the orange colour sweet potatoes I am used to, I also understand its possible to get white ones which are much like yams? If anyone knows more about this please do let me know as I am intrigued by the different types. In the picture below the one at the top (the rounder one) is a ‘Standard’ and the other two are the purple ones, they appear longer and more finger like. One unusual thing about these purple potatoes is that they stay purple when cooked, quite often the colour drains from the vegetables as they cook! The taste was quite unique and in my opinion it might have been better to add just a touch more seasoning, I still have some left so I will be experimenting further in the week.Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on these exotic vegetables!!!

Source: I Finally Found Purple Sweet Potato


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