Honey – Something Amazing from Something so Small

Many vegans argue that honey is produced by bees and as its an ‘animal’ product they cannot eat it. Personally I think that is taking it a step too far. Everyone by now must agree that bees are an important part of our ecosystem whether they bee in a ‘bee keeping’ capacity or whether they are out in the wild. Yes they can make nests in inconvenient places and we might be eating ‘their only source of food in difficult winter months’ but what about all the pollination of plants to produce the vegetables and fruits we eat? Surely that makes the vegetables ‘a product of animal labour’.Now I could launch into a rant about the politics of this issue but I would prefer to spread joy than dissent but I will say one thing, the vegan society’s suggestion that golden syrup is an acceptable substitute whilst technically true is far more damaging to your health, all that processed sugar is just boosting your body’s addiction and has equal ‘carbon emissions issues’. Yes we should moderate the production of honey and create standards for the care of bees as this can only be beneficial to them and to us. If 90% of the honey consumed in the UK is important I think it would be beneficial that we localise production rather than importing it from all over the world, that way emissions are reduced rather than encouraged and boosting local economies. We should be caring for the bees and supporting them not using them and abusing them, whether we like it or not they are the key to great gardens and awesome fruit and veg, so think carefully, would you prefer to eat processed sugars or would you prefer to support an initiative which benefits are ecosystems?

Source: Honey – Something Amazing from Something so Small


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