A Winter Gift from an Artist

The ideal of a blank canvas can scare some but others embrace it with the passion it deserves. Our “Winter gift exchange” delivered an A2 canvas during this years festivities and Luke was determined to paint, despite the crazy time of day (3am) the paints were eagerly pulled out and the video rapidly setup for recording. The piece flowed from his fingertips and the finished article is a sight to behold. The combination of metallic and ‘normal’ acrylics defiantly shimmering on the page, willing the observer to ‘see’ them first. You could be there for hours staring at the intricacies and not catch them all.  The naturally appearing fish in the above picture gives an organic feel to the work, the colour combinations below create the shape of a lagoon area allowing the paint to flow across the canvas. All pictures my own with artist’s permission but do check out Lukes page for more of his work – bit.ly/LMargettsArt

Source: A Winter Gift from an Artist