Nomio & The Giant Teacake – Part II

Nomio sighed heavily, she thought that having fibre optic meant that it wouldn’t matter if more than one thing was on the internet in the flat at any given time. Clearly this was not the case as it had just taken her an hour and a quarter to get to the point at which she could start writing; feeling slightly despondent an uninspired, she had thought of plenty of things to write about an hour ago but unfortunately none of them had stuck. She tried not to let it get to her and instead tried to focus her attention to what she could write in that moment, although regretfully it is possible that it will just sound like fatuous crap as usual, so she thought.

The now was an interesting concept for her especially as she had always had concentration issues. Not so much ADD more a wandering mind that is constantly distracted by the tiniest of things. This made it hard enough for her to write without a bunch of other things impeding her progress.
Still despite this she resolved to carry on and try, recently her relationship with writing had been a troubled one, her inability to concentrate made for very short posts which irritated her in the same way that one word texts people sent at the end of a conversation..pointless…she shook her head

Still her Cherrup account had been particularly active over the last few days, maybe it was her writing which attracted them, maybe it was because she had added new people to her list to follow, she didnt seem to have many more blog followers so she wasnt convinced it was that, and looking at the type of people she had gained she wasnt convinced the that they would be wanting to read what she had written anyway. Despite this almost unwanted attention she was grateful, one day it would all make sense and it would all work out


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