The Year So Far

Understandably this could be arguably an overly early post due to the fact that we haven’t even finished January, but its a catchy title so it stays.

The past month has been a whirlwind of so many meetings and busy days, but they have al been fruitful and that positive. For there is nothing more frustrating than swimming and getting nowhere….

Interestingly i haven’t felt too inspired to write even though i have had so much positive energy flowing through and around me, granted there have been low times but significantly less now, it doesn’t bother me as i know that when the time is right i will be sitting down to write about all of the things that have inspired me.

I have met many new inspiring people over the past few weeks and its been great, there are some people who come into your life for an important reason and i can say that there are 2 that fit that bill quite nicely right now.

I cant wait for the new flyers i have ordered to come then i can take them off to places and continue to explore my new business.