Title – TBC

Thinking directly onto keyboard was never my strongpoint, my desire to write things down first and type them up is unlikely to give up anytime soon but it won’t stop me trying.

Writing down what comes into my head as it arrives can also be dangerous i guess but then I suppose we would never find out what some people are thinking unless it happened.

The purpose of this is to post is to start a new chapter in my writing (so to speak) before now i have done various different types of posts for writing101 and blogging101 but now its time for me to try and do something different for myself, i have thought about my story prompt about the new world, as to be truthful its not very good and could well do with either deleting or completely reworking, but that would be a bit defeatist. I can go one better and write a new post learning from the slightly aimless first attempt.

As this is going to be a story post it means i will do it in a series of linked posts over the next few days/weeks as always any feedback is welcome on my writing style and content 🙂


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