Life the Universe and Everything….

The past few weeks have not been the easiest time for me, and with the days getting shorter i am trying hard not to let the S.A.D kick in…whilst i am volunteering i dont actually have another job and i find it hard to go and make new friends, i know that most of this is my own hang up and i need to build the confidence myself to go and find new amazing people to join me on my journey, but i feel lost as to where to start. Its hardly a reason to join a dating site and as much as meeting people and interacting with people on the internet is great, i feel i should be getting out and about to meet people rather than staying at home, but where to start? i love going to the writing group i have joined even though i do feel guilty for not writing as much as everyone else (i know this is silly as it will come with time but my confidence levels are not the highest at the moment) this is not a cry for help but more of a conversation starter….how do you interact with new people? all suggestions and thoughts are of course welcome.


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