Some Beautiful Wood

To me Saturday is always an adventure day (where at all possible) so today we went to a Wood Yard to get various pieces for various purposes. What a success this was, not only did i manage to get my sister a birthday present but i also managed to get some off-cuts to make bookends for my desk (i already have some but they are nasty black metal ones that i’m not all that fond of) they were ridiculously cheap being off-cuts and only really need a small amount of attention to make them serviceable (bit of sanding to get rid of the rough bits and maybe a coat of matt varnish just to finish them off and highlight the grain) but otherwise in my mind a complete bargain. I then found the most amazing giant seeds which look almost like pinecones, there was another guy looking at them at the same time who says you can put them on a lathe to turn them, which i find fascinating as i know very little about using such equipment. As it stands im not entirely sure what i will do with the seed but i’m sure i can find something its just too unusual to ignore.

IMG_20141004_132227 IMG_20141004_132242






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