The week so far/Blogging 101 Challenge Day 14

Well this week has been a very mixed bag of horrible and good emotions. I have gained and I have lost. Excitingly Santa came early bringing me my new Google Nexus, I wish I could have had the strength and willpower to leave it in its box until Christmas time but unfortunately not…although I took the opportunity to go to my local wildlife area by the river and fully try out the camera. I’ve taken quite a few and I would appreciate anyone’s thoughts I’m not a brilliant photographer but I hope I’ve taken some good ones…



8 thoughts on “The week so far/Blogging 101 Challenge Day 14

    1. thanks guys!! i could have hidden it in a draw i guess or let my mum keep it at hers but she was the one who said it was an early christmas present so i kinda took that as a green light to open it early hehehee!!!


  1. Your pictures are very nice 🙂 There are a lot of simple, very easy methods of improving your photographic skills. Check out the ‘Rule of Thirds’; it is very helpful in adding that little extra to a picture. I love following this rule and breaking it when I feel like it 🙂


    1. agreed i like taking pictures for me, it takes a bit of practice getting it right, but when you do its very rewarding, although its always good to learn new aspects of photography not just the point and shoot kind lol


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