Blogging 101: Day 9 Challenge – Inspired by the community

Having done yesterdays assignment this morning, i felt it prudent to at least wait for people to respond to the comments i have left. I have to say i didn’t have to wait long for messages to come back to my.

If i am honest i have been totally overwhelmed by the response to my writing and totally amazed at how many inspirational people there are out there blogging today! I have seen photography, food, poems, literature, political ideals it is truly fascinating at the diversity that this world has created.

There were many blogs that i found which touched me and some truly interesting perspectives, i confess that i wasn’t particularly interesting with my comments as i was slightly speechless, however my favourite comments i received back was that i had made someones day, to me that is better than winning any competition and i truly hope that everyone continues to be so supportive of each other as for me this is the best group learning environment i have been in so far.

To me Zip’s poetry is absolutely stunning, i have to confess its not a skill that i possess so i am always intrigued and inspired to find other people who are able to do this, not only that but the style of the blog fits with the posts simple and elegant. Reading through the comments on each poem it seems that she has struck a chord with many people and i can feel the emotion not only in the poems but in the comments as well. It has encouraged me to think about writing my own poetry in the future and i hope it continues to inspire many other people.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 15.44.01







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