Who is OnlyNomes?

I started blogging some time ago as a means for venting my frustrations and trying to make sense of things on my mind, the slight problem with this was a struggle between wanting to write, not having that much time (i know lots of writers argue there is always time you’ve just got to make it) and also having the strength to open up; you would have thought this would be easy being that essentially you are communicating to strangers until you actually make contact with them or they contact you; but still it held me back for some time, i tried writing a personal journal but found it difficult to write my thoughts for fear someone would find them and read them (odd thought i know when you think about it publishing stuff on the web opens it to a whole new world, but its the people closest to me that i didn’t want finding it, they are my personal thoughts not something to be discussed)

As you will see from my other page “waking up and smelling the coffee” I have mostly moved out of the ‘funk’ i was in and have decided that not only is it therapeutic for me but also beneficial to my career goals and own personal development.

So cutting to the chase – the purpose of this page is for me to develop, make new friends, improve my writing and communication skills and also to share my love of food, travel and all things that randomly (and often) enter my life and open myself up to a whole new world of peoples knowledge and experience.

Over the next year or so i would like to think that i will make new friends, connections, really try and make myself as happy as i can be.


5 thoughts on “Who is OnlyNomes?

  1. There can definitely be a strong sense of community in blogging. I still have friends I met through blogging about makeup a few years ago. Hope you reach your goals 🙂


      1. No, I moved to Rome a few months ago. Somerset is a beautiful area, full of green hills. Guess there’s a positive side to all that rain lol!


      2. I work online, with the possibility of working anywhere in the world (as long as the clients are happy with me doing so). Life ended up being too expensive in the UK, so we went to Italy hoping we could have a bit of financial respite for now 🙂


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