Weston Super Mare…

Having decided an arcade and a 2p machine was how i wanted to spend my Saturday it was only fit to go to the seaside as well, having not been for some time and in the interim time the pier being upgraded i was unsure as to what to expect when i got to Weston Super Mare. Weston-super-Mare_Grand_Pier_June_2010

Thinking about it i think i have only ever been once in my life.

The new pier is quite a spectacle also off-putting as they now charge you to enter even before you’ve been on any of the rides/games/fast food which is readily available.

Walking into the town centre you can see the summer trading start to wind down and the plethora of Wetherspoons drinking establishments scattered about the place. The usual collection of coffee shops/cafes and a large number of Fish and Chip shops (which you would expect)

The small bits n bobs/books/random tat type market is a fairly interesting cave of small unconsidered trifles although nothing intriguing enough to buy.

A short but claustrophobic trip to Saltrock yielded a new hoodie and a dress at bargain prices so not to be sniffed at.

An obligatory trip to Caffe Nero to quench my thirst with a chai latte and a water and a failed attempt to purchase fish and chips resulted in a sunny walk back to the car.

It struck me how pretty the buildings are at Weston and i wonder how many people even take it into consideration..or are they more interested in the large expanse of muddy beach which lies before them.Sand887